Sunday, October 2, 2011

LynnValleyJazz Newsletter

It's Autumn on the west coast and Jazz is in the air . . .
With the advent of a new season comes fresh new jazz and a plethora of innovative new music to choose from.  Many new releases over the next few days and weeks and I will get to a few in this newsletter.

As a promoter of independent jazz labels and internet radio, I am always on the lookout for exciting new artists and Rod Williams fits the bill like new gloves. His latest CD "The Journey" was released on August 16th and has since gained a 5 star customer rating on Amazon.  This self produced project is appropriately named as Rod takes you on a smooth journey with his sweet smooth sounds in every track.  His sound is unique and just may change the contemporary jazz world of sax.  Though he started his musical education with the violin, he later changed to his instrument of choice, the sax and thus began his own musical journey. It has been said that to be a great artist you must have experienced some tragedy and after recovering from cancer he was able to transfer his experiences into his music.  One of the many highlights are the track "Sweet & Spicy" (video below) I highly recommend you have a listen and purchase your download today!

Be sure and check out "The Journey" at CD Baby for more songs and samples:  

Rod Williams - "Sweet & Spicy"

NEW CD's to Watch For:
New releases are arriving faster that the autumn night chill and one of the most exciting is the new release from jazz's prodigal guitarist, George Benson.  'Guitar Man' to be released on October 4th (available NOW) showcases his pure jazz roots featuring the legendary likes Joe Sample on keyboards,  Harvey Mason on drums, and bassist Ben Williams.  One of the feature tracks, "Fingerlero" highlights all of the above mentioned jazz legends in what will sure to become an overwhelmingly jazz standard.  This CD will be available everywhere and also here at his own website:

George Benson - "Fingerlero"

Other New Releases of Noteworthy Mention: 

September 20, 2011
Tony Bennett - "Duets II"

September 27, 2011
Acoustic Alchemy - "Roseland"

I'll be back again in December just in time to preview another new artist and the latest offerings of some very jazzy Christmas CD's including Michael Buble, Chris Standring, Joe Yander, Drew Davidson, Take 6 and sure to be more. 

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Until then I wish you Peace and Love and as always, 'I'll be keepin' you in the mix'.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello again Jazzers . . .
Well here we are again and it's nearly June.  While the Canadian west coast and the American northwest wait for summer to arrive, there is no shortage of jazz heating up the internet channels.  One of the hottest artists has actually been around for a while and his new release has been climbing the jazz and contemporary jazz music charts.  JOEL DEL ROSARIO and his new release "Coast to Coast" is sure to make a lasting impression for the summer of 2011.  Check out this great contemporary jazz guitarist on his new website at

With a music career spanning over two decades, guitarist and songwriter, Joel Del Rosario has touched just about every genre of music from: Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Southern Gospel.  Classically trained at Viola University, Joel studied, performed, and was second chair in the San  Francisco School of the Arts Orchestra.  Though winning several competitions with the renowned SOTA Orchestra, Joel felt the pull to venture in the world of jazz and so began his love affair with the genre which would envelop a majority of his music career.

His passion for the guitar however was born from tragedy.  Experiencing the loss of his mother through breast cancer at the age of 11, Joel sought solace and peace through playing his guitar.  It was during those quiet moments in the dark contemplating. practicing and developing an intimate relationship with his guitar voice.  

"Joel Del Rosario brings the fresh, unique, stylistic, funky, exciting, spiritual music that this genre needs. He is such a humble cat. Look forward to him becoming a legendary musician. He is AWESOME the new generation of contemporary jazz is emerging!"- Tony Exum Jr.

And be sure to stop by the CD Baby website and purchase a copy at:

Have a listen to "Coast to Coast" from Joel Del Rosario

Coming in July to Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle is the one and only BRIAN CULBERTSON.  Four great nights from July 14-17 and all you need to do to attend is call and make a dinner reservation.  The dinner reservation assures you a wonderful menu to choose from and the best seats in the house. For more info check this link to the venue:

Finally, you may have noticed that I have a new name:  LynnValleyJazz and left the word 'smooth' out. Over the last 30 plus years that I have been following the evolution of jazz,  I have noticed one thing that never changes.  The constant growth and maturing of the genre itself.  From the early years of "Lady Day" (Billie Holiday) through the jazz fusion days of the 70's and 80's to the advent of smooth jazz, the music has always remained in constant shift.  It is that ability to grow and change that gives jazz it's free-styling beauty and heartbeat.  Now with the advent of a new growth spurt upon us, I wanted to reflect that change in my newsletter's name.  "I am not worried about the future of jazz as it was around long before I was and will continue long after I am gone".  

So "smooth", "funky", "traditional" or just "straight ahead jazz" I will be here letting you know what's new and what's changing in the world of jazz. As my Facebook friend Mark Stanley of Soundtraxx always says, "I will be serving you up all the Jazz, and nothing but the Jazz". And her is another link you should check out, that is Soundtraxx with Mark Stanley
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Until then I wish you Peace and Love and as always I'll be 'keepin you in the mix'


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